Contribution Guidelines

Thank you for considering contributing to the proper-tags package! Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you through the process.


  1. Fork the Repository: Use the GitHub interface to fork this repository to your account.
  2. Clone the Fork: On your local machine, open a terminal or command prompt. Use the following command to clone the forked repository:
    git clone
  3. Navigate to the Repository: Change to the project directory using:
    cd proper-tags
  4. Install Dependencies: To ensure you have all the required dependencies, run:
    npm ci

Working on Your Contribution

  1. Create a New Branch: Always create a new branch for your work to ensure master remains clean. Use:
    git checkout -b feature/<feature-name> or git checkout -b bugfix/<bug-name>
  2. Stay Updated: Ensure you regularly pull the latest changes from the upstream repository to keep your fork up-to-date:
    git pull origin master


  1. Writing Tests: Make sure you include tests that cover any new logic or features you add. A good test not only confirms the correct behavior but can also serve as documentation for how a certain feature works.
  2. Running Tests: This project uses AVA for testing. To run tests, execute:
    npm test
  3. Testing Convention: The project is set up to search for test files in the src directory that have the .test.js extension.

Code Style and Quality

  1. Coding Standards: Adhere to the code style and patterns established in the project. This ensures consistency and readability across all contributions.
  2. Linting: The project uses Prettier and ESLint to maintain a consistent code style. Before committing your changes, ensure your code adheres to the rules. Run:
    npm run lint
  3. Auto-fixing Issues: Some linting issues can be automatically fixed. Use the following command to attempt auto-fixes:
    npm run lint:fix

Committing and Pushing Changes

  1. Commit Messages: Write clear and concise commit messages describing the changes you made.
  2. Atomic Commits: Make sure each commit contains related changes. Avoid bundling unrelated changes into a single commit.
  3. Push Your Changes: Once you’re ready to submit your changes, push the branch to your forked repository:
    git push origin feature/<feature-name>

Submitting a Pull Request

  1. Open a Pull Request: Navigate to the GitHub page of your forked repository and click on the “New pull request” button.
  2. Describe Your Changes: In the pull request description, provide a detailed explanation of the changes you’ve made. If your PR is fixing a bug, provide steps to reproduce the bug.
  3. Wait for Review: Maintainers of the proper-tags package will review your pull request. Address any feedback or changes requested.

Final Notes

  • Please ensure your code doesn’t introduce any regressions by running the full test suite before submitting a PR.
  • Always reference relevant issues or discussions in your pull requests.
  • Contributions aren’t just about code! If you find a typo, a confusing piece of documentation, or have ideas for improving the project structure, we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for helping improve proper-tags! ```