proper-tags Documentation

proper-tags is an evolved version of the widely-used CommonJS package common-tags. It has been updated with the following considerations for modern JavaScript environments:

  • 🌟 Extendable: Comes with built-in tools for creating custom tags.
  • 📦 ESM Code Base: Ensures native compatibility with modern development tools.
  • 🦕 Deno Compatibility: Designed specifically to function seamlessly with the Deno runtime.
  • 📝 TypeScript Definitions: Integrated TypeScript typings make development in TypeScript a breeze.
  • 🔄 API Consistency: The interface aligns with common-tags, ensuring compatibility with existing frameworks and guides.

Sample Usage

import { html } from 'proper-tags';

  <div id="user-card">

For further details, check out the Installation and Usage sections.